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Window Glass Repair, Replacement and Installation in St. Louis – Services We Offer!

Replacement and installation servicesWhether you need to replace foggy or broken glass, upgrade to energy saving Low-E glass, add a wall of mirror to your home gym, or create a beautiful retreat with a custom shower enclosure, Inst-I-Glass, the glass repair and replacement experts in St. Louis can get can get the job done right.

Replacement glass allows you to restore and save your existing windows and doors, which are likely to have many years of useful life remaining. Not only can you save money - you also help prevent needless burden on the landfill.

Broken glass goes from a major problem to a minor inconvenience when Inst-I-Glass can replace even double pane window glass in a single visit.

No need to wait days or weeks with a board over the opening! We fix it FAST! Need to upgrade the appearance of your bathroom? A custom shower enclosure can be a stunning addition! And if you're building a new home, let Inst-I-Glass work with your contractor to create a spa-like retreat with elegant frameless heavy glass.

Inst-I-Glass is your glass replacement and installation specialist in St. Louis! We can serve all of your residential and light commercial flat glass needs.

We offer the following replacement and installation services:

We service all national and private label brands:

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