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Inst-I-Glass in St. Louis - Assess, Understand, And Repair Problems with Your Door Glass.

Front and rear entrancesWhether foggy glass is marring the beauty of your home's signature entrance, or you need fast service because of a break-in, call Inst-I-Glass first. Our St. Louis glass repair experts work with you to find the solution that works best!

We can assist you with replacement glass for many different types of doors and speciality glass:

  • Patio sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Front and rear entrances
  • Security doors
  • Fire resistant doors
  • Arches and half circles above doors
  • Decorative and standard side lites
  • Replacement of designer inserts
  • Scratch removal or restoration of custom art glass

Doors and any window or side lite beside or above a door require safety glass. Either tempered glass or laminate glass will meet code.

Tempered glass is the better choice in most cases. Tempering is the process of strengthening glass by heating it until nearly molten, and then cooling it at a specific, controlled rate. Once tempered, glass will break into small chunks rather than long, knife-like shards, a vital improvement in safety.

For certain applications, we may also use laminate glass. Laminate glass is similar to what's in a windshield. If the glass should break, the pieces will cling to the laminate sheet inside rather than break apart into shards. When size, placement, and shape permit, laminate glass can be useful for securing your property quickly and avoiding a board-up service.

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