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Replacement Windows

If you're having problems with glass in your home or office such as moisture trapped between the panes; condensation, mold or water damage around windows; or broken glass from an storm or accident; let a call to the expert St. Louis window glass replacement team at Inst-I-Glass be the first you make.

We are your window glass replacement experts in St. Louis! By spending just a few minutes on the phone with you, we can assess your needs and provide a firm estimate to replace the glass in your existing windows. If you're ready for service, we can schedule your appointment - which in some cases can be the same day as your call to us!

Having your glass serviced by Inst-I-Glass allows you to maintain the beauty of your windows and honor the aesthetics of your property by keeping the existing frames and sashes! Our well-trained, uniformed glass technicians replace only the glass that has a seal failure (looks fogged or mineral stained) or has been broken. Why replace when we can restore the appearance and lost energy efficiency of windows that otherwise have many years of useful life remaining? We specialize in the restoration of unique windows that would be difficult and costly to replace.

We can replace glass in many different types of windows:

  • Wood, vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum
  • Double or single hung, casements, picture windows
  • Single, double, or triple pane
  • Custom windows such as full circle, quarter or half round, standing arch, palladium windows, octagons, trapezoids, etc.
  • Clear or Low-E glass, tinted glass, pattern glass or privacy glass
  • Tempered glass or laminate glass for use near stairs, doors, or other windows where building codes require safety glass.

The windows in your home or office are a vital component of overall aesthetic appeal. From traditional to contemporary, from simple to extraordinary, your windows speak volumes! When the glass is clean and clear, the house shines.

Most of our customers have only a few windows with double pane glass that has become foggy due to seal failure. Many think they have no choice but to replace the entire window, which leaves them with a quandary: buy one replacement that doesn't match anything else in the house, or replace all of them – an expensive and time consuming production. Call Inst-I-Glass today and let us restore rather than replace your windows!

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